Do you want to make decisions based on assumptions or your real customers needs?

Focus group interviews allow you to learn your customers opinions, their way of thinking, and discover insights by conducting a planned discussion.


Some people don’t hesitate to reveal their opinions or experience with a product. But we all seek social approval and sometimes we are afraid to speak our mind in fear we will not find it.

Online research skips this problem altogether. No one can be seen, everyone is anonymous. There is no reason to hide your thoughts. Do your customers really think your product is intuitive to use, or are they simply ashamed to admit that they struggle with it?

Respondents use nicknames they choose, which grants complete anonymity. In return, you can expect honesty and unhindered involvement.


No-one can be seen, everyone is anonymous.

No need to install any software

Don't fill your or your respondents' computer with yet another app.


Neither the interviewees nor the interviewer have to install any software. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. 

no app required
global research

The possibility to work simultaneously on a single research project enables you to form interdisciplinary teams. In line with current trends, our solutions don’t require you to install any software on your computer. Your convenience and ease of work is our top priority. In on-line interviews the budget gives you options instead of limiting them.

  • up to 3h long (let us know if you need longer)
  • max 15 interviewees (let us know if you need more)

Talk with your respondents in their natural environment

Nobody needs to install any software.

good price

Face-to-face Focus Group = catering + travel expenses + transcript cost + recruitment cost + participation fees + recording equipment rental

Online Focus Group = recruitment cost + participation fees

Our price of an online focus group includes unlimited possibility of using pictures, infographics, video clips, audio clips and other multimedia. Invite any number of respondents, depending only on what you think will ensure a valuable discussion. You determine the duration of the interview, design and implement your research. We provide tools.

Online focus groups are inexpensive

Focus on content, not form.

Interactive script

Our interactive script is a tool that optimises your work
and helps you conduct the interview.


Before conducting an interview, create its scripts. The more questions you prepare in advance, the easier it will be to follow the discussion and react to unforeseen situations. A pre-set timer on display will allow you to manage the available time and touch on all subjects just as you planned.

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