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We give access to FOCUSSON free of charge from now until further notice, so that all scheduled interviews can be conducted without exposing the researchers and participants. Analyze data with the entire team equally quickly and efficiently while remaining at home.

Is it difficult to persuade people to use a camera for an interview?

Avoid playing the interview recording repeatedly or writing down only parts of the interviews - necessary for audio/video interviews.

Avoid the hassle of exchanging many files in which everyone changes something - it takes a lot of time and it's easy to get lost.

Take advantage of this time and learn about tools for remote qual projects.

Run an FGI chat that allows full privacy and anonymity and ensures honest opinions.

Improve, support and accelerate data analysis – we have dedicated tools for that.

All you have to do is set up a company account and carry out projects in line with previous goals.

Take care of yourself and be sensitive to people who need help.

Good luck with your online research!

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