Gosia Palys-Dudek

Kasia Palys

Michal Palys-Dudek

Who's behind FOCUSSON and what drives us

People ask us why we bothered to build Focusson. It’s a fair question. There are plenty of places where you can create a survey. Everyone at least once in their life have created a poll. When we asked them “Did you learn what you wanted?” we mostly heard that they now know that 35% of respondents liked their product and 65% didn’t, but there was no way to dig deeper and understand what did they like and what not or how things could be improved.

If you really want to learn insights you don’t need data – you need words. And the best way to get them is by having actual conversations with your customers.

“Why don’t you do focus groups”, we asked and the answers were that it is not possible, too expensive, too much effort, hard to get everyone in the same room.

Because of limited access to tools, qualitative researchers are discriminated. We strongly believe that to reach our goals, to learn what we need to know to develop our products, services can’t be dictated by the availability of tools.

At university Gosia and Kasia worked in market research conducting focus groups. Very quickly we started to automate the things we struggled with: analysing thousands of transcription pages, synchronise work, conducting focus groups in different cities. That’s how Focusson was born. We stopped eating, sleeping and going out and spent all our time working, designing and building software that would allow researchers to conduct online focus groups and analyse their transcriptions in semiautomatic ways. We think it is a huge achievement in the qualitative research world.

Having experienced the day to day challenges of being part of marketing research team we understand how the process from gathering data to preparing the report looks.

We’re proud to say that Focusson is the product that we wish existed back when we were conducting many focus groups, mostly travelling from town to town and then not having much time to analyse the transcriptions.

Whether you’re ready to start really talking with your customers or you’re fed up with watching graphs, bars that do not answer your questions, we hope you’ll give Focusson a try. We’re confident that you’ll love it.

Give it a shot and email us at office@focusson.com to let us know what you think.